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American Preclinical Services, LLC

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8945 Evergreen Blvd NW
Minneapolis, MN 55433


(763) 951-7990


Scott Barnhill

Services & Offerings:

Interventional & Surgical Research
Acute and Chronic feasibility and GLP safety Medical Device Studies.

Pathology Services
APS has extensive histopathology services for preclinical research studies.

Bioskills Cadaver & Simulation Labs
American Preclinical Services is an approved human cadaver lab site for performing device evaluation.

Toxicology and Pharmacology
General toxicology, pharmacokinetics (PK), toxicokinetics (TK) and safety pharmacology studies in both rodents and non-rodent animal models

Biocompatibility Testing
Standard (ISO10993, USP <87>, USP <88> & JMHLW) and custom biocompatibility testing protocols for material and component evaluations, in-vivo and in-vitro testing.

Pain Research
APS offers a comprehensive portfolio of rodent pain models designed for the assessment of novel analgesic therapies.

Analytical Services
Pharmacokinetic, toxicology, biocompatibility, quality control, stability studies, purity and impurity characterization and profiling, leachables and extractable

Regulatory Consulting Services
APS offers comprehensive global regulatory consulting services for the medical device industry. APS Regulatory Services will partner with your organization and support you through the regulatory process in the United States and major international market

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