Attention all life science start-ups:  get help here!

The WIN Mentoring Program gives promising early stage Washington Life Science and Global Health ventures world class advice and assistance through their most critical stages.

In this milestone-focused program, entrepreneurs are matched with an all-star team of seasoned volunteer advisors. Entrepreneurs receive professional advice from teams of professionals with deep and diverse expertise in commercialization and business execution.

WIN is modeled after two successful programs: MIT Venture Mentoring Service and Chicago Innovation Mentors, and was adapted to the unique needs of the Washington Life Science and Global Health community.




Program Admission: Overview and Logistics

  1. Come into Life Science Washington Institute for a consult with one of our expert consultants and staff:
  • The purpose of this meeting is to hear a little about your company, learn whether it fits into the scope of technologies we have expertise in among our mentors, and for you to learn more about the program and whether it might be a good fit for you.
  1. If selected, you will be asked to complete a short application and submit an executive summary. Applications are solicited quarterly.
  2. Attend Screening Committee meeting to pitch to mentors: 10 min pitch, 10 min Q&A. The committee is composed of mentors who will evaluate the pitch and provide recommendations.
  3. Mentors hold a mentor-only meeting following the screening committee. During this meeting, the mentors will vote on which companies they wish to admit to the program as well as volunteer to participate as part of a team.
  4. Once assembled, the ventures are notified of their mentor team and attend an on-boarding session.
  5. Initially, teams meet on average every 6 weeks and then at longer intervals as needed.
  6. Companies graduate from the program when they have accomplished the milestones set upon entrance to the program.

Please direct any questions to Laura Sconyers, Manager of Entrepreneurship:

















A-Alpha Bio

“The WIN Program jump started our Seattle life science network with a group of knowledgeable, experienced, and well-networked mentors. The transition from academia to starting a life science company is a daunting one and our WIN mentors provided the early candid feedback that accelerated our path to identifying key value propositions and developing what we hope is a viable business model. In addition to their advice, some of our mentors became tremendous advocates for our company and reached out to their network to solicit customer discovery interviews and potential partnerships. We would definitely recommend Life Science Washington’s WIN Program to any new WA state startup working in the life sciences.” David Younger, CEO

Learn more about A-Alpha Bio on their website: 

Mentor & Program Statistics

50 Mentors
35 Graduates
53 Ventures
>179M Raised
  • “The WIN Mentoring Program provided my company with a lot of information that would have been difficult to get anywhere else.”

    – Dema Poppa, CEO of Invio Inc.

Our Entrepreneurs

(Aug 2020)
  • 2Morrow, Inc.
  • Breast Microseed, Inc.
  • Precision Image Analysis
  • Pillsy
  • Longevity Surgical, Inc.
  • VIA Global Health
  • Novuson Surgical, Inc.
  • Inmedix, LLC.
  • Litesprite
  • M3 Biotechnology
  • Stasys Medical Corp
  • Phase Genomics
  • TwinStrand Biosciences
  • Cyrus Biotechnology
  • PotaVida
  • Circle Technologies
  • PVP Biologics
  • Epoch Medical Innovations
  • Iasis Molecular Sciences
  • SamePage Health
  • Innovative Dental Technologies
  • Healionics
  • PRONTO International
  • InstantMD
  • SiDx
  • Med25
  • Format Health
  • SafKan Health
  • Precision Assays
  • Tasso
  • Invio
  • A-Alpha Bio
  • MedsForAll
  • Pyrus Medical
  • Neonatal Sciences & Research
  • A.I. Analysis
  • TourniTek
  • Omic
  • LightSpeed Microscopy
  • X-Cellsystem
  • Grace & Able
  • Medsense
  • Parasite ID
  • Badger Braces
  • Xonotiv
  • MedIntelliBase
  • Profound Bio
  • Nanodropper
  • Genemod

Funding for this program is provided by:


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