LSWI and WA Commerce are pleased to announce the second year of the Washington Competes Grant Program. 

Applications open June 1 and close July 26, 2024 at 4 pm.

Washington Competes

  • The Washington Competes program will be open to all Washington-based life science companies but will prioritize companies outside of King County, as well as companies that are women-owned or socially or economically disadvantaged. 
  • Entrepreneurs who are developing solutions for improving the health of WA citizens and have an experimental proof of concept and some ideas of how the technology might be validated in the lab should attend (Technology Readiness Level of 4) .
  • Companies should be ready to raise a Series A investment round within a year.
  • Join the Education Session June 11, 2024 – 12:00 – 1:00 PM PDT.
  • Previous awardees are noted below.

Access Press Release

Full list of WA Competes Awardees:

Allay Health Inc. –
Allay Health’s digital health platform offers personalized, continuous, and comprehensive gastrointestinal (GI) care.

“We are very glad to be recognized as a promising early-stage healthcare startup in the WA Competes Award program. We plan to utilize the funds to build on top of our current progress and refine some of our patient reporting workflows to increase care for more of GI patients in need.”
Victor Bian, Founder, Allay Health, Inc.

Alli Connect Inc. –
Alli Connect makes finding mental health care hassle-free.

“The first responder community is experiencing an even more deadly mental health crisis than the general population. With 90% of first responders experiencing trauma and 30% going on to develop PTSD, we are seeing a flood of disability claims and suicides in this population. First responders will be able to have direct access to mental health care when and where they need it. With the funds we will improve the functionality of ‘QR code-to-app launch’ for reducing barriers to adoption.”
Colleen Hilton, CEO, Alli Connect Inc.

Appiture Biotechnologies Inc. –
Appiture Biotechnologies’ vision is a future more reliant on physical indicators of ASD risk.

“Children suspected with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) from rural communities are often identified later than children in urban areas, and frequently go undiagnosed, lacking appropriate services in a timely manner before entering school. This model will put WA State at the forefront of technology innovation in ASD detection and early intervening supports for children at higher risk for neurodevelopmental delay and ASD. The WA Funds will be used to complete our prototype and work with a regulatory specialist to prepare our submission to the FDA for pre-market clearance.”
Georgina Lynch, Founder, Appiture Biotechnologies Inc.

CathConnect Corporation –
CathConnect is a medical device that improves the safety of urinary catheters by allowing the tube to disconnect when pulled – transforming the catheter from a hazard into a safe and effective treatment.

“CathConnect is excited about the opportunity with the WA Competes Fund Award, and this will help bring the medical device to patients. Funding will help product testing and regulatory requirements.”
Joelle Tudor, CEO, CathConnect Corporation. Co. –
DocNexus provides a next-generation data platform that makes it simple to search through millions of insights, scour through publications, clinical trials, payments, and social media data within seconds to identify HCPs, products, manufacturers and healthcare systems. DocNexus uses AI-powered Knowledge Graphs to help life science organizations find the right key opinion leaders that can help develop and bring the next generation of life-saving pharmaceutical products and medical devices to market.

“With the $25,000, we plan to invest in further research and development of innovative life science solutions, enabling us to accelerate our mission of revolutionizing healthcare. This funding will significantly bolster our efforts, we’ll expand our product experience, reaching new audiences and pushing the boundaries of life sciences search, ultimately advancing the field of life sciences and improving patient outcome.”
–  Mahek Chhatrapati, CEO, DocNexus Co.

Ice Bear Therapeutics SPC. –
Ice Bear Therapeutics’ mission is to bring more affordable insulins to the market, in order to benefit patients with diabetes.

“Ice Bear Therapeutics has developed and patented a novel technology to manufacture insulins much more efficiently and cost effectively. We will use the funds to do so.”
Christian Pfleger, PhD, Co-founder, CEO, Ice Bear Therapeutics SPC.

PHAIT Inc.   –
PHAIT is focused on a crucial unmet medical need: preventing lung cancer, the #1 cause of cancer deaths in women, more than breast, ovarian, and cervical cancers combined.

“The WA Competes Grant Award provides catalytic funds to position PHAIT for $10M investment towards the clinical-proof-of-concept phase 2 clinical trial for lung cancer interception therapy with the drug, oral iloprost. We are grateful to Life Science Washington, WA Commerce, and the Life Science Washington Institute (LSWI) for their support of start-up companies with this funding and to LSWI for their mentoring that enables success.”
Deirdre R. Meldrum, PhD, Founder, President and CEO, PHAIT, Inc.

Primary Bioscience Inc. –
Our goal at Primary Bioscience is to make diagnostics proactive rather than reactive. To that end, we are developing a single-molecule protein sequencing device to be deployed as both a multi-cancer early detection tool and as a research tool.

“We will use the funds to support our lab requirements and prototype supplies. This will help us to gather the data to complete additional proof of concept work on the core technology, necessary for further seed funding.”
Stacy Anderson, PhD, Founder, Primary Bioscience Inc.

Violett Inc. –
Violett’s portable air sterilization system integrates real time air quality monitoring with UVC light and a triple layer filter to detect and remove anything harmful in the air.

“Our mission is to empower users to take control of their air and protect their people. The funds from this grant will be used to iterate the current unit design for ease of manufacturability at scale, and design circuitry to implement improved internal sensors to report unit health and individualized usage data.”
Jessie Perez, PhD, Cofounder and COO Violett Inc.

Xonotiv LLC. –
Xonotiv is a biomedical device startup dedicated to developing innovative technology for applications in prosthetics, exoskeletons and robotics.

“This award will help Xonotiv test its novel prosthetic knee on amputees, and move us closer to commercialization. The funding will be used for amputee pilot tests and Intellectual Property (IP) protection.”
Paul Pomeroy, CEO, Xonotiv, LLC.

LSWI thanks all the applicants that applied. Best wishes on your endeavors. Please follow us for additional opportunities.