Division of Research, Innovation and Ventures (DRIVe)

Life Science Washington Institute has been selected as one of eight accelerators in the nation to help drive innovation in lifesaving medical technologies that solve challenging problems spanning modern health security threats and daily medical care.


DRIVe Releases New Award Opportunity

BARDA’s Division of Research, Innovation and Ventures (DRIVe) is pleased to release “Special Instructions” to Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) Sol #: BAA-18-100-SOL-00003; BARDA’s rolling BAA. The DRIVe Special Instructions are open now and will close on May 28, 2019.  Medical product developers, research teams, and companies offering disruptive solutions to health security threats are invited to review the solicitation and prepare a white paper submission today. DRIVe is anticipating funding opportunities of up to of up to $8 million, though projects may ultimately differ depending on agreement structure and availability of funds.

DRIVe continues to work to streamline the application process, though the larger award value necessitates greater details than our EZ BAA program. We strongly recommend that you contact our ENACT or Solving Sepsis teams prior to submission. Initial submission will include a Special Instruction Submission Form, Quad Chart (1 page), White Paper (5 pages max), and Addendum (rough order of magnitude cost estimate, not to exceed 4 pages max). These will be reviewed by DRIVe, and select respondents will be invited to submit full proposals.

Akin to our EZ–BAA, DRIVe is seeking the most innovative products and technologies to protect from the most serious systemic, natural, and international health security threats. Unlike the EZ BAA, this solicitation focusses on just two impact areas and is intended for specific targeted focus areas. We would also generally expect awards under these special instructions to be more mature technologies than the standard EZ BAA submission. Please note that our EZ BAA program is still very active, and we encourage all potential respondents to consider the expedited EZ BAA abstract if your proposal is in early stages of development and would require a DRIVe investment under $749K.

In-scope priority areas fall into DRIVe’s current main impact areas: Early Notification to Act, Control and Treat (ENACT) and Solving Sepsis. Each impact area has specific focus areas. ENACT’s focus areas are on-person, wearable, and biosensing devices (host response and direct pathogen detection); host-based diagnostic devices; indirect indicators and artificial intelligence for prediction; and biomarker discovery and panel validation. Solving Sepsis’s focus areas are advanced research and development of sepsis diagnostics and devices, post-sepsis monitoring, pediatric devices, and implementation science technologies. For further details please refer to (Modification #08) of the solicitation on FedBizOpps.


Special Instructions for BAA Stage 1 Submission Process:

  1. Request meeting with the ENACT or Solving Sepsis team (strongly recommended)
  2. Submit stage 1 package to DRIVeContracting@hhs.gov. This package should include:
  • Email subject: “DRIVe Special Instructions: AOI #_Company Name, Project Title”, where #, Company Name, and Project title are replaced as appropriate. AOI 15 is Solving Sepsis, AOI 16 is ENACT.
  • DRIVe Special Instruction Submission Form
  • Quad Chart
  • White Paper

Addendum (ROM cost estimate, not to exceed 4 pages)


DRIVe EZ BAA Pre-Proposal Conference Slides:  Click here

The DRIVe team is pleased to announce that our simplified application process, called our EZ BAA, is now open for business! Medical product developers, research teams, and companies offering disruptive solutions to health security threats are invited to submit abstracts beginning today using this simplified EZ BAA process.

We’re looking for the most innovative products and technologies to protect Americans from the most serious systemic, natural and intentional health security threats. Our goal is to build a portfolio of products representing disruptive innovative approaches that will transform health security.
Applications accepted through this streamlined process must offer transformative innovation, products and technologies to protect Americans from health security threats. This application process is a business friendly simple abstract.

In-scope priority areas include products and solutions to reduce illness and death from sepsis as part of DRIVe’s Solving Sepsis initiative; technologies and processes to identify infections and exposures to biological and other health threats, as outlined in the Early Notification to Act, Control, and Treat (ENACT) initiative; and tools and techniques to mitigate the damages and loss of life associated with catastrophic events.

Applying is simple:

  • Download the application form from our website.
  • Submit a technical abstract no longer than a 2,000 words
  • Include a cost proposal of an additional 2,000 words or less.
  • Proposed costs should not exceed $749,000.

What happens next:

  • Once submitted, DRIVe’s experts will review the application to ensure it is within scope and meets DRIVe criteria.
  • As the applicant, you’ll be notified of the review results within 30 days of your submission.

Learn more about the DRIVe EZ-BAA review criteria.

Have questions? Looking more information? Contact DRIVeContracting@hhs.gov

For Additional Information and Resources: Click Here

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has launched a new initiative to partner with the investment and innovator communities to develop transformative solutions to the toughest health security problems that span the entire health sector. The new approach signals to the investors and innovators that HHS is open for business and that the time is uniquely now to leverage advances in biotech and information technology.

This program was announced in June 2018 by the HHS Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, an agency of HHS devoted to saving lives and protecting Americans from modern health threats which oversees the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA). This innovation initiative will be run by the new Division for Research, Innovation, and Ventures – and known as “DRIVe.”

DRIVe offers an attractive, and iterative, opportunity for the investment community to engage with the federal government with a newly streamlined, federal contracting processes designed to mitigate business risk and enable investors to serve the nation. The time is uniquely now to bring health security solutions to the previously unsolvable.

Please contact Dr. Ingrid Ruf (ingrid@lswinstitute.org) for additional information.