Assemble Investable Management Team

Why is this Important? Investors are careful to invest with management teams they trust. Investment is unlikely without credible management; many investors believe the management team is at least ½ of the consideration in an investment decision. Credible management will typically be previously successful entrepreneurs or newcomers whom they believe will be receptive to advice.

Key Actions Things to Consider Tool Kit
Pick the correct person to be CEO of the company Is the CEO investable? Coachable? It is better to have no CEO than the wrong one. Request recommendations from legal counsel, mentors, & others.

Can your CEO raise money?

LSWI WIN Mentor Program
Make a realistic assessment of your management and team from an investor point of view What skill complements do you need at this stage?

Ask advisors and mentors for their help and feedback

Define your talent requirements and plan to build out team Do you have a good recruiting/staffing resource(s)?
Strengthen your advisors / board (Management and Technical) The right advisors can be invaluable in helping with both strategy & execution. They also provide a great deal of credibility, both from adding expertise and from vouching for the viability of the venture

Reach out to previously contacted luminaries in your field