Outline Competitive Advantage

Why Is This Important?: With the company formed, you want to formally protect your IP if possible and establish your plan to build on it in the future.

Key Actions Things to Consider Tool Kit
File patent(s), if appropriate Multiple provisional applications can be combined into a single full application at the first provisional 1-year date

It is possible to do this yourself, but you may need and want legal support

Brainstorm on how to get around your patents & file provisional patents to block those workarounds

If you wanted to re-invent your offering, how would you get around your patent?

University of Washington Entrepreneurial Law Clinic


Establish additional copyrights or trademarks, if appropriate Copyrights exist from the time a work is made permanent, but should be registered with US Copyright Office to ensure a record and secure additional enforcement rights.
Document any practices considered to be Trade Secrets
Outline your market/competitive advantage and the strategy for “Stickiness” Make a convincing argument that your product/service will be adequately protected and has a market advantage

  • How will you create long-term “stickiness” with the user?
  • What is your licensing model? Annuity model? Upsell opportunities?