Show It Is A Good Business for Investment

Why is this Important? You need to provide details as to how your business will function and grow beyond your initial Executive Summary.

Key Actions Things to Consider Tool Kit
Outline Unmet Need and Solution Refer back to your validated Assumptions

These items will make up most of the final business plan.

The product development plan must be detailed enough to be plausible

Investors want to see thought put into the plan, even if the timeline is optimistic

Financials will be the most important aspect from an Investor’s perspective

  • Remember to consider the financial impact of the time and cost of development
  • Investors will want to see as attractive a return as possible
  • Investors must believe the assumptions behind a financial model in order to accept it

Research comparable examples, particularly to establish potential exit valuation

Speaking with potential acquirers early (after IP is filed) can be helpful to gauge their long term interest and establish relationships

Assumptions Template (Completed)

LSWI Consulting

Value Proposition Template

Startup Financials Template



Define addressable Market Size
Identify competition and outline your competitive advantage
Outline value proposition from each of the key view points: Patient, Physician, Provider, and Payer
Define product development plan (manufacturing, pre-clinical, clinical-regulatory strategy, timeline, milestones, and budget)
Outline financials: P&L, Cap Table, Cash Flow, Etc.
Define Exit Strategy (Licensing, Acquisition or IPO?)