Produce Business Plan

Why is this Important? Provides investors with all of the information you assembled over the previous 6 Steps.

Key Actions Things to Consider Tool Kit
Write a dynamic Business Plan directed towards investors It provides an action plan to address the opportunities and reduce the risks

Should expand upon and enhance the message delivered in your Pitch Deck

Use clear, precise language and plenty of visuals.

Keep it short, well-written, and credible.

Make use of attachments to provide highly detailed information

Get experienced people to review it before sending it out

Make sure to add notices noting Confidentiality and Copyright where appropriate

Business Plan Template

LSWI WIN Mentor Program

Review and revise your Executive Summary Revise content to reflect any changes as well as the content of the Business Plan

This is the first (and sometimes only) impression Investors will get of your company; make it your best

  • If Investors aren’t hooked by the Summary, they will likely not read the whole Business Plan
Executive Summary Template