Prepare For & Raise Sufficient Money To Get Through To The Next Logical Funding Point

Why is this Important? You will need funding to take the company through the early stages of Executing the Plan, including regulatory assessment & IND approval, and still leave sufficient time to raise additional funding.

Key Actions Things to Consider Tool Kit
Be sure you are ready to approach investors; have key items ready from previous steps A pitch with obvious flaws can sink a venture

Ask investors who turn you down for feedback and listen intently

It may be possible, but do not assume that you can again approach investors who have previously turned you down; ask if it would be okay to keep them updated

Identify potential investors What companies are currently in a venture capital fund’s portfolio?

  • Seek active investors in similar companies, but be wary of investors in direct competitors

Network with other CEOs ➔ ask for introductions from those investors you know & trust

Do they invest in companies at similar stages & raising similar amounts of money ($2M vs $200M)?

WA Investor Database
Get legal advice as to requirements, needs, and restrictions for an offering Is writing an offering memorandum necessary?

Pay attention to public disclosure rules

Comply with legal requirements
Develop investor pitch(es) What type of investors are you pitching to?

  • Different investors may need different pitches

Should contain all elements of the Business Plan

Your goal for the first meeting is to be invited to a second meeting

Pitch Deck Template
Practice investor pitch(es) Rehearse and then rehearse again

  • Rehearse in front of people who will ask tough questions
  • Be able to present without slides so you can connect and have eye contact with investors

Anticipate questions and prepare backup slides with answers

LSWI Pitch Coaching and Consulting

LSWI WIN Mentor Program

Raise enough money to get to the next logical fundable milestone and investment round The next logical milestone is highly dependent on the product, the regulatory environment, and market forces.

Can be the pre-IND meeting, IND approval, or even Phase I clinical trials

Term Sheet Template (AOA)

Convertible Note and Equity Offering Templates (AOA)