Welcome to the Life Science Startup Digital Playbook!

An introductory, step-by-step guide to entrepreneurship in the life sciences.

Medical Device   Digital Health   Bio Pharma

Click here for the PDF version of the Startup Playbook.

What is it intended to do?

The Playbook provides entrepreneurs with a proven process and critical elements to get to a Proof of Concept product with specific focus on Planning for Success.

Who is it for?

All early stage Washington life science entrepreneurs

Why are we providing it?

  • To educate entrepreneurs on critical elements of starting a life sciences company
  • To provide key activities and “must dos” along the path to commercialization
  • To provide critical questions for entrepreneurs to answer along the process route
  • To share known failure points and pass along institutional knowledge
  • To provide resources to enable the journey

The advice presented in this document has been curated from the vast experience of respected Mentors and Serial Entrepreneurs within the Washington life science community. Accordingly, sections of this Playbook provide general advice about the law and federal guidelines. However, laws and guidance documents change frequently and can be interpreted differently by different people. Please consult with a lawyer or consultant with domain expertise for specific information related to your company or situation.