Seed Investments

Company   Focus
Aikira   Digital Health
CathConnect   Medical Device
DocNexus   Digital Health
KovaDx   Diagnostics
Lung Technologies   Medical Device
nanoFLASH   Drug Delivery
Ora Biomedical   Aging
St. Galen   Vaccines   Laboratory Management
SharpArrow Medical   Medical Device   Laboratory Management
VoxCell BioInnovation   Bioprinting


Series A

Company   Focus
Abacus Biosciences   Immunology
Alpenglow Biosciences   Research Tools
Anavasi Diagnostics   Diagnostics
Avivo   Biotechnology
Cartography Biosciences   Immunotherapies
EMulate Therapeutics   Medtech
Fusion Genomics   Medtech
Gandeeva Therapeutics   Biotechnology
Genemod   Lab Efficiency
HDT Bio   Vaccines
Kayothera   Oral Immunotherapies
Modulus Therapeutics   Drug Discovery
Novuson Surgical   Medical Device
Pattern Computer   Drug Discovery/Diagnostics
Phase Genomics   Drug Discovery
Seal Rock Therapeutics   Neurodegenerative and Liver Diseases
Talus Bioscience   Drug Discovery
Taproot Medical Technologies   Medtech
Tenzr Health   Digital Health


Series B

Company   Focus
A-Alpha Bio   Drug Discovery
Altpep   Neuroscience Therapies & Diagnostics
Affini-T Therapeutics   Cellular Therapies
AVM Biotechnology   Focus Biopharmaceuticals
Bonum Therapeutics   Oncology
Capsigen   Drug Delivery
Curi Bio   Drug Discovery
Cyrus Biotechnology   Drug Discovery
Inipharm   Biopharmaceuticals
Monod Bio   Diagnostics
Notch Therapeutics   Oncology
Outpace Bio   Cellular Therapies
Parse Biosciences   Drug Discovery
Prevencio   Diagnostics
ProfoundBio   Immunology
Tasso   Medical Device
Tune Therapeutics   Cellular Therapies
Vibliome Therapeutics   Oncology
VisionGate   Lung Imaging


Late-Stage Investing Opportunities

Company   Focus
Centre for Neurology Studies   Neuroscience
OncoResponse   Oncology
OtoNexus Medical Technologies   Medical Device
Presage Biosciences   Clinical Trial Support
RareCyte   Research Tools
Sound Pharmaceuticals   Neurodegenerative Disorders
Umoja Biopharma   Cellular Therapies


Publicly Traded

Company   Focus
Absci   Drug Discovery
Achieve Life Sciences   Biotechnology
Adaptive Biotechnologies   Diagnostics/Drug Discovery
Alpine Immune Sciences   Platform Immune Drug Discovery
Aptevo Therapeutics   Immunotherapies
Chinook Therapeutics   Renal Therapies
Icosavax   Vaccines
Just-Evotec   Biomanufacturing
Kineta   Biopharmaceuticals
Lundbeck Biopharmaceuticals   Biopharmaceuticals
Ondine Biomedical   Immunology/Medical Device
Sana Biotechnology   Cellular Therapies
Seagen   Oncology
Zymeworks   Immunology


Privately Held

Company   Focus
AGC Biologics   Biomanufacturing
Altasciences   Preclinical Support
Molecular Testing Labs   Diagnostics
Verasonics   Ultrasound Product Development


Startup Community

Company   Focus
Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence Incubator   A.I. Startups
Astellas Venture Management   Licensing & Startup Creation
Creative Destruction Lab   Startup Incubation
Gates Strategic Investment Fund   Social Investing
Icogenex Bioincubator   Startup Incubation
ITHS/WE-REACH   Startup Incubation / Startup Creation
Life Science Washington Institute   Entrepreneurial Support
Oregon Health & Sciences University   Entrepreneurial Support
Pack Ventures   Investing
Providence Ventures   Investing
VectorPoint Ventures   Investing


Nonprofit/Research Institutions

Company   Focus
Access to Advanced Health Institute   Vaccines
End Brain Cancer Initiative   Neuroscience Research
Global Health Labs   Diagnostics
National Institutes of Health   Technology Transfer
Paul G. Allen Research Center at Swedish Cancer Institute   Clinical Trial Support
Seattle Children’s Research Institute   Cellular Therapies
University of Washington   Life Science Research & Clinical Trials
University of Washington, Bothell   Public Health Research Partnerships
WSU – Steve Gleason Institute for Neuroscience   Neuroscience