VIP Forum with BGI

August 21, 2018 - August 22, 2018, All day

Event Details

August 21, Time TBD: Plenary Session with BGI. Register at
Agora Conference Center, 1551 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102

August 22, By appointment only: 1:1 Meetings with representatives from BGI. Apply by August 6, 2018 at

BGI provides a wide range of next generation sequencing  services and a broad portfolio of genetic tests for medical institutions, research institutions, public and private partners. BGI Seattle is looking to meet with potential partners and customers in healthcare, biotech and research for local and global projects.


DNA Sequencing

  • Human: Whole Genome Sequencing, Whole Exome Sequencing, Target Region Sequencing
  • Plant/Animal/Microbial: Target Region Sequencing, Whole Genome Resequencing,  De Novo Sequencing
  • Epigenetics: Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing, Target Region Bisulfite  Sequencing, ChIP-Seq
  • Metagenomics: 16S/18S/ITS Sequencing, Metagenomic Sequencing

RNA Sequencing

  • RNA (Quantification) Sequencing, RNA (Transcriptome) Sequencing, Long Non-coding RNA Sequencing, Small RNA Sequencing

Customized Sequencing

  • Immune Repertoire Sequencing, Single Cell Sequencing, Proteomics


Discovery and Preclinical

  • Whole Genome/Exome Sequencing, Transriptome Sequencing,  Preteomics, PDXomics PDX Solution

Translational Oncology

  • Genolmmune Neoantigen Prediction, Oseq Solid Tumor Panels


  • Immune Repertoire Sequencing, High-Res HLA Typing Service

Interested in a 1:1 Meeting? Apply by August 6, 2018 at

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