DRIVe Funding Opportunities Now Open

Oct. 30, 2020 | DRIVe
BARDA DRIVe has recently re-opened areas of interest and added new ones. If your company is working in areas of interest, you are encouraged to contact Laura Sconyers, Manager of Entrepreneurship for LSW Institute & DRIVe Accelerator lead, with any questions or to learn more information about the submission process. View the full EZ BAA announcement and funding opportunities here.
Areas of Interest (AOI) Currently Accepting Submissions: :

Unless otherwise noted below, open AOI’s are accepting submissions throughout the EZ-BAA open period which ends 03 February 2023, 1700 HRS ET. BARDA reserves the right to revise the status of submission periods for any of the AOI’s or the EZ-BAA itself. Any change to open periods for submissions will be posted in the form of an amendment / special instruction to the EZ-BAA.

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