WIN Venture SafKan Health Raises $1M

Apr. 12, 2018 | WIN

Congratulations to Sahil Diwan and SafKan Health on a successful seed round which raised $1 million in support of the launch of the SafKan OtoSet for clinical ear care. The device is the first automated and wearable ear wax removal device designed for clinical use. Although currently only available to medical professionals, SafKan anticipates an eventual expansion into the consumer market. Check out ear care for the 21st century!

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SafKan Health is a current venture in the Washington Innovation Network (WIN) Mentoring Program. The WIN Mentoring Program gives promising early stage Washington Life Science and Global Health ventures world class advice and assistance through their most critical stages.In this milestone-focused program, entrepreneurs are matched with an all-star team of seasoned volunteer advisors.  Entrepreneurs receive professional advice from teams of professionals with deep and diverse expertise in commercialization and business execution.

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