Meet the Four Newest WIN Ventures

Feb. 9, 2018 | WIN

The Washington Innovation Network (WIN) Entrepreneur Mentoring Program is pleased to announce the addition of four new ventures to our program this quarter. The following ventures make up the 2018 Q1 cohort:

A-Alpha Bio- We are helping pharmaceutical companies remove the guesswork from drug development. We have developed AlphaSeq, a cell-based assay for multiplexed characterization of protein-protein interactions that we use to efficiently and accurately determine the effect of potential drugs on thousands of protein-protein interactions simultaneously.

MedsForAllWe aim to address the problem associated with the cost prohibitive inaccessibility of life saving rescue medications. With the world’s first glass ampule based autoinjector, MedsForAll will bring rescue drug autoinjectors to all who need them, limiting preventable deaths.

Neonatal Sciences & Research, Inc.-We are a digital health company on a mission to empower parents in their journey to raise healthy children using science and data backed insights. Our first product, GULP, is focused on improving breastfeeding rates.

Pyrus Medical- We are a medical visualization company that utilizes virtual and mixed reality (VR/MR) to improve the lives of patients, providers, and students. Pyrus currently offers interactive 3D VR surgical planning and education software (Bosc) and has finished prototype development of VR/MR guided cardiac ablation software (CathEye). Pyrus plans to integrate AI with CathEye for improved outcomes and shorter procedure times.

The WIN Mentoring Program gives promising early stage Washington Life Science and Global Health ventures world class advice and assistance through their most critical stages.In this milestone-focused program, entrepreneurs are matched with an all-star team of seasoned volunteer advisors.  Entrepreneurs receive professional advice from teams of professionals with deep and diverse expertise in commercialization and business execution.

To be considered for admission to the 2018 Q2 cohort, you must schedule an initial consultation by April 4 and applications will be due April 16. To learn more about WIN, please visit the WIN Program page or contact Ingrid Ruf at

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